Geographic distribution

Our privileged clients are present in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and have chosen PROJINOVA in UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Libya, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China.

Soon, we will have to adapt to requirements of extreme high temperatures. Faced already with the weather hazards, the quality of our export products has been proved, and our attention to the design of our buildings forged our reputation

To meet the specifications of the most demanding and more compelling, all our steel, structures and elements of our covering are in strict conformity with European standards.

Our Creations

Enjoying a close partnership with our suppliers, we are able to respond to the most atypical projects.

Perfection, durability, strength of materials and care for the finishes, each new aviary designed and invented by our research differs from previous ones by a singular originality and elegance. Waterfalls, lush vegetation, ponds and decorative rocks will provide you flexible and unique interior design solutions.

We create for specialized breeding organisms, and containments adapted from a few hundred square meters to more than 35000m2.