Falcon Aviaries

A falcon aviary is more representative of the identity of its owner than an aviary dedicated to raising bustards.check out our range


Aviary Donut (UAE)

In connection with the study of drafts that formed the past experiences, the culmination of our first aviary was realized in coordination with falconers and breeders. The result is a "donut" of ø42m maximum shade with its air-conditioned nest.

2 Special Aviaries
(The Gulf)

This draft 2 aviaries ø50m is probably the most consistent: 190 tons of structures, 12500m ² of net. We got 2 cylinders and ø: 50m, h: 6m, with a height of 9m to the center. Also features 16 air-conditioned nest capture.

4 Octagonal aviary (Morocco)

Intended for breeding, this area consists of 4 ø30m aviary faces the vagaries of considerable weather in Middle Atlas.
This compromise leads us to design an aviary “flexible” where only the amounts are not made of cable.

Aviary 8

An evolution and a summary of the donut in aviaries and cylinder: This space will allow the Hawks to practice consistently and not always rotate in the same direction. Here, the view will be at the intersection of the loops. The result is a project the size of the Olympic stadium.

Aviary In A Bedouin Tent

This mammoth project will cover 37500m ²: 250m x 150m in a Bedouin tent, which will peak at 37m.
In one corner, a dominating dune as an observatory with traditional architecture will provide a point of view on the ecosystem that will furnish this aviary.


Aviary shelter in the shape of a Bedouin Tent


Aviary shelter in the shape of a Bedouin Tent