Types de volières


Theory of adaptation


Projinova advocates in fact the theory of adaptation that requires taking into account the specificity of birds and that at each stage of their development. The aviary must adapt to its occupants and not vice versa. This compelling theory implies work and a permanent investment. Thus, our aviaries, whether their arrangement, their options or their cover materials are constantly evolving to take into account the latest scientific and veterinary.


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volière standard

Aviaries and cages fort bustards:

Aviaries and cages for bustards :
The bulk of our business lies in the design and marketing of cages for rearing bustards. Check out our range



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Falcon aviaries

A falcon aviary is more representative of the identity of its owner than an aviary dedicated to raising bustards. Check out our range


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Custom Aviaries:

We can customize our standard models to your own constraints.